Teeth Whitening in Leicester

At Smile Care Dental Clinic in Leicester, all of our dentist’s are qualified to provide professional teeth whitening to our patients. Our patients often come to the practice with request to a brighter, whiter smile or a fresher look to help them feel ready for that special occasion. We also often have patients who have been gifted teeth whitening treatment as a special present. If you feel as though you would like a consultation on achieving a brighter smile contact us and we will happily arrange this for you

The Smile Care Dental Clinic Teeth Whitening Process

The first step to your teeth whitening journey will be a custom mould fitted by one of our friendly dentists. This mould will act as a guard to keep the solution locked on your teeth for the specific duration provided.

We will then place the gel into the tray by dotting it across. Once the gel has been placed in the tray, we will place the tray which will fit perfectly on your teeth. This will be left for the accurate duration your dentist recommends.

You will then be given gels to take home as well as your custom tray. This will follow up with a demonstration and instruct you on how to place the gel correctly, and how long you should keep your tray in for.

Visit our fees page to find what whitening treatment suits you best. For more information, call 0116 266 1422 to speak to one of our friendly staff.

White Dental Beauty Whitening Gel

We provide teeth whitening with this amazing product. The whitening gel shows results over less treatment time, providing you with a brighter smile in a shorter amount of time. These syringed gels work by an intelligent boosted pH to give the best whitening effect at your desired whitening strength. Your saliva will naturally activate the alkaline to a higher than normal pH level, resulting in a whitening result in as little as 30 minutes. Some of the benefits of this product are: – Active sensitivity management formula – No refrigeration needed – Proven effective and predictable results – Achievable visible results in less than a week – Available in four different concentrations to suit all patient needs – Available in mild for patients with sensitive teeth – High water content to help prevent sensitivity & enhance shade stability

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