Dental Bridges at Smile Care Dental Clinic

Here at the Smile Care Dental Clinic we routinely carry out restorations using dental bridges. Dental bridges are best suited when you have a missing tooth, where the gap needs to be bridged.

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a fixed replacement for a missing tooth and can also be used for multiple missing teeth. Dental bridges are made by taking an impression of the surrounding teeth so that there is a “perfect” fit onto the adjacent which will eventually support the dental bridge. Dental bridges are created from precious metals, porcelain or ceramics and are cemented to the adjacent teeth to fill the gap made by a missing tooth. Dental bridged are not removable and are placed permanently in your mouth, unlike dentures, which can be removed, and are secure. As with dental crowns, dental bridges can take two or three appointments to make sure that the fit is just right and the look suits your mouth so that you can smile and eat with confidence.  

Dental Bridges are not your only option!

Dental bridges are not the only form of restorative treatment that we have to offer here at Smile Care Dental Clinic. Missing teeth can also be replaced using dental implants, please speak to the Smile Care Dental Clinic team today so that we can provide you with the best solution personalised to suit your individual dental requirements.

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