Dental Crowns at Smile Care Dental Clinic

At Smile Care Dental restorative treatments can be as simple as a single crown blended to match the adjacent teeth or multiple dental crowns for a full rehabilitation. We pride ourselves on using the best techniques, materials and dental technicians to ensure that all our work is of the highest quality giving you the smile you deserve.

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown completely covers a real tooth to create an aesthetically pleasing cosmetic result. Dental crowns are made from either gold, ceramic and strengthened ceramics such as Zirconia. Dental crowns can be fitted where a tooth has broken, decayed or been damaged. In some cases we might recommend that dental crowns are used for aesthetic reasons in order to improve the appearance of the tooth and overall smile. To fit a dental crown we reshape the tooth into a small peg-like shape in order that the crown can be cemented securely. Dental crown treatments will normally be spread over two or possibly three visits as our dental technicians can take time to make the dental crown itself, and also for you to be happy with the fit and look of the dental crown.

Dental Crowns are not your only option!

Dental crowns are not the only form of restorative treatment that we have to offer here at Smile Care Dental Clinic. Severely damaged teeth can also be replaced using dental bridges or dental implants, please speak to the Smile Care Dental Clinic team today so that we can provide you with the best solution personalised to suit your individual dental requirements.

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