Dentures at Smile Care Dental Clinic in Leicester

At Smile Care Dental Clinic we believe that whether you are missing one tooth or all of your teeth dentures are a practical method of tooth replacement which is accessible to both NHS dental patients and Private dental patients in the Leicester area. 

Dentures are a Practical method of Tooth Replacement.

Dentures are a placed in the mouth to replace missing teeth to restore full from and function. They are removable and can be and should be removed after meals for cleaning and at night when sleeping. They replace not only teeth but also the supporting tissues and help support the cheeks and lips too.  Dentures allow us to restore everyday activities like eating, smiling and speaking in a pleasing and comfortable way. Dentures can be partial, with a few teeth included, or full, a complete set of missing teeth. We design dentures to your needs, some may require extra retention or some may require a soft lining, there are many varieties. We can also use dental implants to help stabilise a denture. If you would like further information please do not hesitate to speak to a member of the dental team. Unfortunately the reality is that dentures will never feel like your teeth, however practical measures have been taken to make them as less irritable and natural for the user. Our dentists will be more than happy to discuss challenges and benefits of wearing them.

Dentures are not your only option!

For those that find it difficult to wear dentures, alternatives are present. Dentures are not the only form of Restorative treatment that we have to offer here at Smile Care Dental Clinic. Missing teeth can also be replaced using dental bridges or dental implants, please speak to the Smile Care Dental Clinic team today so that we can provide you with the best solution personalised to suit your individual dental requirements.

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