If you have lost a tooth or some teeth you will understand the negative impact that such a loss can have upon a person’s mouth, as it may have caused you to make slight changes to how you use your mouth.

You may have decided to make changes to your daily diet, as some of the food you used to enjoy before losing a tooth or some teeth may now have become harder work to consume, as foods such as steak and nuts can become difficult for someone using the gum and jawbone to carry out the tasks of the teeth. If you have lost teeth at the front of the mouth you may decide to avoid smiling as a way to hide the loss, as well as save yourself from any embarrassment, this may make you appear unapproachable and unfriendly to others when you may not be.

At Smile Care Dental Clinic we want to help our patients who have experienced tooth loss with the use of Dental Implants Leicester, by doing so we can help them to fully enjoy the food they used to eat before the loss and we can help them to regain the smile they may have felt they had lost.

Dispelling the common misconception

Many people believe that the majority of people who suffer from tooth loss in the United Kingdom do so due to poor oral health and hygiene standards, while this is one of the contributing factors to the number of tooth loss cases it is not the main cause. The majority of tooth loss cases in the UK stem from some form of sudden impact, such as being involved in a traffic accident that causes an impact and injury to the jaw or a sports injury to the jaw and mouth.

These sudden impacts can never be planned for and will often cause extreme distress to anyone who experiences them, as well as leave a lasting impression on your mouth. This may cause you to start investigating a permanent and fixed-in-place method for replacing the teeth you have lost and it is our belief that dental implants Leicester may represent an option that is worth your consideration.

The treatment

First, a strong screw made from titanium, the strongest metal that is known to mankind, is inserted into your jaw bone with the head of the screw poking out just above the gumline. This helps to create a sturdy base for your new tooth to sit upon, which is made from a ceramic material.

The new tooth will be shaped and coloured to allow it to blend in with any teeth that are surrounding it, often patients find it hard to identify the replacement tooth after living with it for several months. If you care for your replacement tooth, or teeth, correctly you will find that they are tough enough to last you a lifetime, the correct care can be achieved by brushing your teeth twice daily as recommended by dental professionals.

Regain your teeth

If you are looking to regain any teeth you may have lost then we would encourage you to investigate dental implants Leicester, as they really do offer patients a permanent solution to replacing any lost teeth.

We provide dental implants, Invisalign, composite bonding, tooth whitening and dermal filler.