Orthodontic conditions

The term orthodontics refers to a special branch of dentistry, which is involved in the treatment and the diagnosis of misalignments of the teeth and jaw. These conditions are considered as old as humanity. One of the first ‘diagnosed’ cases of an orthodontic condition pertains to human remains dating back over 50,000 years, which were shown to have a condition called crooked teeth. Despite the enormous amounts of time between the first case and today, we have only started to be able to treat these conditions in the past 300 years. One of the biggest breakthroughs was the invention of dental adhesives, which allowed the popularisation of the metal braces with brackets we know so well today. However, since then demand for alternatives has been growing, which led to a number of innovative companies working on the matter. One of them is Invisalign, which is a manufacturer of invisible aligners as the name suggests. If you are interested in getting Invisalign Leicester, then book an appointment with us, the Smile Care Dental Clinic by email or phone.


As it was mentioned above Invisalign manufactures invisible aligners. These are plastic aligners which are worn on the top of the dental arches. They are made out of a thin plastic which is transparent, thus reducing the visibility of the aligners to almost zero. The treatment starts with a consultation session, where your orthodontist first determines whether you are eligible for Invisalign treatment. This is followed by the recording of a 3D image of your oral cavity. The imaging technique used with Invisalign does not use any ionising radiation like X-rays, therefore it is completely safe. This 3D image is then used as a blueprint for the manufacture of your aligners. During the treatment a number of aligners are made, which is essential, as this adjusts for the progression of the treatment, just like when the orthodontist increases the tension in the archwire of metal braces. If you would like to straighten your smile and get Invisalign Leicester, then visit our web page for more information and consider a consultation session.

The benefits and the drawbacks

The list of benefits associated with Invisalign is a long one. The first and most obvious benefit is that, thanks to the plastic material, these aligners are nearly completely transparent and therefore barely noticeable externally. Another important benefit is the improved comfort, the plastic’s surface is smooth and does not contain any metal elements, thus eliminating the metallic background taste. Another huge benefit is that the aligners are removable, this means that you can both eat whatever you like and are able to clean the aligners and brush your teeth without the need for specific toothbrushes. However, unfortunately, Invisalign is not for everyone. Certain patients who have overly small, large or very round teeth are ineligible for the treatment and more severe dental conditions can also make patients ineligible for the treatment. This is because in these cases the aligners cannot get the necessary grip on the teeth. However, there is no reason to worry, as Invisalign has numerous alternatives as well, which does not necessarily mean that you have to wear metal braces. To find out more information about getting Invisalign in Leicester at our clinic, visit our website or contact us with your enquiry.