Dental implants are deemed as the best form of tooth replacement within the modern world of dental care! This type of restorative dentistry works to not only restore the function of the patients’ missing teeth, but their self-confidence too! In addition to these benefits, dental implants in Leicester are also extremely durable, and are renowned for their sturdy nature.

What are the other benefits of receiving dental implants in Leicester?

Implant dentistry works to not only ensure patients’ are able to chew, and brush their teeth normally again, however they also boast an extremely natural looking appearance which blends in with the surrounding teeth! In addition to their aesthetic nature, dental implants also work to reduce discomfort and pain which is a typical consequence of missing teeth within the mouth. Along with this discomfort and potentially even pain when attempting to partake in daily dental tasks, missing teeth unfortunately also come with a whole host of other disadvantages.

What are the consequences of missing teeth?

Many patients’ may choose to overlook their missing teeth within the mouth. This may be for a wide variety of reasons (such as not having time to schedule a dental appointment, or even due to financial concerns, or dental anxiety). Whatever the cause, missing teeth are not something to be taken lightly, and should be seen by a dental professional as soon as possible. But why is replacing missing teeth so important?

Emphasising the importance of replacing your missing teeth..

Missing teeth within the mouth can not only cause pain or discomfort when chewing or drinking, however they can also encourage many more unwelcome consequences for patients’. Gaps within the mouth serve as a potential breeding ground for oral bacteria, which (if left untreated) can lead to the development of dental diseases and infections (such as gum disease, to name just one common example).

Regaining confidence in your new smile..

In addition to avoiding the development of oral diseases and infections, receiving dental implants can also ensure the surrounding teeth do not move into the new space within the mouth. Missing teeth which are left untreated can result in a wonky and disorganised smile, which means erasing years worth of orthodontic work for many individuals! Whilst helping individuals to regain the function of their smile, receiving implant dentistry also gives our patients’ a huge boost of confidence!

Offering our patients’ a superior standard of care..

Within the modern world of dental care technological advancements are constantly being made regarding the availability of new treatments, and the variety of options on the market! At our surgery situated in Leicester we choose to embrace these evolutions which ensures our patients’ receive a superior standard of care when treated within the walls of our clinic. These advancements also help dental implants to appear more natural within the mouth!

Regaining confidence in your new smile…

Many patients’ may be concerned initially concerning how ‘normal’ their replica porcelain crown will look amongst their surrounding teeth. Despite these doubts however, our patients’ are pleasantly surprised to know that their new teeth are matched perfectly to both the shape and shade of their natural crowns, making for a natural looking smile, everytime!