A strong and sturdy option

At Smile Care Dental Clinic we recognise the challenges that are faced on a daily basis by those who are missing teeth.

Anyone who has a full set of natural, healthy teeth will never truly understand to what extent they rely on them – until they are gone.

Besides the more obvious cosmetic and social implications that having a missing tooth or teeth can bring, there are also a number of health problems and long-term damage that can be a direct result of having an untreated space in your mouth.

This is why we recommend to anyone who has lost a tooth or teeth – however long ago or recently – to consider choosing dental implants in Leicester over more traditional treatment such as bridges or crowns.

What actually are dental implants?

For those who are unaware of what dental implants in Leicester actually are, do not worry, you are not alone.

Although they have existed for some time now, many people who have lost teeth do not consider dental implants in Leicester to be an option as they are unaware that they exist!

Fundamentally dental implant treatment is a way of permanently restoring not just the aesthetics of a lost tooth, but also its strength, support and functionality.

This is achieved through a small dental operation in which a titanium-alloy tooth-root is surgically embedded inside the patient jawbone – within the gap where their tooth would be. This tooth root merges itself together with the bone tissue in the patient’s jaw which results in it being fused permanently in place as a natural tooth would be.

What are the advantages to dental implants?

By replicating the process by which a natural tooth is attached within a patient’s mouth, dental implants are typically found to be far more sturdy and comfortable.

Although dental implant treatment may be slightly more costly than traditional means of treating a lost tooth, the benefits which the patient enjoys thereafter greatly outweighs the inital financial investment.

Below are just some of the most commonly sighted advantages to choosing dental implants from us here at  Smile Care Dental Clinic: 

  • Comfort: As with all things pertaining to lost teeth, comfort is king. With conventional treatments for lost teeth such as dentures or bridges, there is often a tendency to rub against the patient’s gums, which can often cause discomfort. Implants, however, as they are surgically fused within the patient’s jaw, do not have this problem and are often considered to be just as comfortable feeling like natural teeth.
  • Strength: Those who wear dentures or bridges often find it difficult to eat even the softest of foods without experiencing some discomfort. Dental implants, as they are attached in the same way as natural teeth, do not have this problem. This means that patients who have dental implants can eat the toughest foods with confidence.
  • Gum health: Patients who have dentures, bridges or crowns are more likely to develop gum problems such as periodontal disease than those who opt for dental implants. This is because dental implants do not move or rub within the patient’s mouth as well as there being less space for plaque and bacteria to form.

If you have lost a tooth – whether it is visible or not – it is imperative that you seek out dental implants from us here at Smile Care Dental Clinic as soon as possible. By doing so you can take back control over your smile and allow yourself the freedoms and luxuries of having a whole set of healthy, natural teeth.