Make a lasting change

Here at our clinic, our practitioners live to see their hard work and expertise pay off in the smiles of our patients, and one treatment that has consistently achieved this result is Invisalign Leicester, which is a cosmetic alternative treatment to traditional fixed braces.

Having crooked or badly shaped teeth is something which a lot of people out there have to live with on a daily basis, and something which often worsens over time if treatment is not received.

However, while the problem of crooked teeth is nothing uncommon, what is less common is the number of people who actually do something about it and seek out orthodontic help from us here at Smile Care Dental Clinic.

What is Invisalign?

While the majority of people out there are familiar with traditional metal braces, which are fused to every individual tooth using ceramic or plastic brackets and connected via a tension wire, many people still believe that these are their only option when it comes to achieving a straighter smile.

This lack of awareness of the options available often leads to those who need orthodontic assistance refraining from visiting our practice, as they do not want a treatment that will have a visible impact on how they look.

Invisalign Leicester is testimony to the fact that you can achieve a straighter smile without affecting how you look during treatment, as the entire process aims to let patients comfortably and discreetly address crooked teeth, without the need for anything to be fused or fixed anywhere within their mouths.

Rather than taking the traditional approach to crooked teeth, Invisalign – which was first conceived back in 1997 by Stanford University graduate Zia Chishti – uses only a series of custom made dental retainers to achieve a straighter smile.

Each of these retainers is made purely for the patient who wears them and has deliberately placed pressure points built within them, which force specific teeth into their proper positions over time when the retainer is worn.

What makes Invisalign Leicester a cosmetic treatment is that all of the Invisalign retainers are made from an incredibly thin, but durable plastic called SmartTrack. As these retainers are made to fit perfectly over the wearer’s smile, when put on they become practically invisible. Which means that people can discreetly undergo orthodontic alignment without anyone noticing.

What is the process of getting Invisalign?

If you feel that the alignment of your smile could benefit from the discreet nature of treatment such as Invisalign, then the first step is to arrange a consultation to discuss the process with one of our in-house experts. These consultations are an essential part of the process, as they let us examine your dental health and assess your eligibility for Invisalign treatment.

Provided that you are deemed dentally fit enough for the Invisalign process to be successful, measurement and impressions will then be taken of your unique dental structure and shape, from which the custom made retainers will be formed.

Once created, you can then take your retainer home with you and wear it for roughly 22 hours a day for the duration of treatment, taking it out at your leisure, such as when eating or posing for pictures.