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Missing one or even multiple teeth can present you with a great many problems and difficulties that can have a far-reaching impact on your life in numerous ways.

Getting dental implants Leicester from our expertly trained and professional team at Smile Care Dental Clinic is the only way that anyone who has lost their teeth can completely restore their smile, both in terms of how it looks and the way it functions.

Unlike almost every other treatment which is offered for missing teeth, dental implants provide a very durable solution that rarely requires further dental maintenance once installed.

Although dental implants may seem more expensive on the surface, in the grander scheme of things they often end up costing less than the maintenance and amendments that more conventional missing teeth treatments, like unsupported dentures, generally require over a prolonged timescale. Your teeth are for life, which is why getting dental implants is the best option for those who want to address missing teeth once and for all.

Why should I get dental implants Leicester?

To understand why getting dental implants is the smartest option for lost teeth, it helps to first understand the dangers which people who have gaps or spaces in their mouth left untreated leave themselves susceptible to. Many people who have failed to replace lost teeth are missing teeth at the back of their mouths, which makes the loss less visible and therefore less pressing to treat from a superficial perspective.

However, even gaps at the back of your mouth can lead to some serious dental problems, such as a decrease in bone volume around your face, which can alter your facial structure and cause a more hollow-looking complexion. This happens when the bone tissue around a missing tooth remains inactive and unstimulated over a prolonged period of time, as the inactive bone tissue will eventually be redistributed elsewhere in your body and cause a visible decrease in facial bone density.

This alteration in your facial structure can be prevented by the option to fill any spaces in your mouth through dental implants Leicester as the bone tissue around the affected area will be restimulated and become active once again – thus preventing its absorption.

How do dental implants actually work?

The reason that dental implants are the strongest and sturdiest way to replace lost teeth is that they are principally very similar in the way they work to natural teeth. The sucess of dental implants hinge on the surgical installation of a titanium-alloy tooth socket cylinder within a patient’s jawbone. This tooth socket is installed by stripping back a patient’s gums and inserting it into their jawbone through a specialist dental surgery.

Once this cylinder is inserted into your jawbone it will naturally fuse itself together with your bone tissue which causes it to be permanently fixed in place. When this fusion has happened we can then use it as a base to fix a custom-made denture that patients can use freely, without the concerns of it shifting over time or from eating tough foods.