Smile Care Dental was established in 1984, which is nearly forty years ago. During this period we have provided a dental service that has allowed us to become established and respected in the community. Our patient care and dynamic oral health care service has evolved over the decades to the comprehensive modern dental practice that we are today. Our team has been carefully selected and we now have a team of dental specialists that can provide virtually any oral procedure for you. If you have lost a tooth or teeth our experienced team can provide you with a bridge, dentures, dental implants Leicester or a combination.

Modern dentistry at its best

Modern dentistry is a lot more than only taking care of your teeth and gums. When you arrive at our clean and modern dental practice you will experience our warm and friendly professionalism. We know that having modern premises and modern equipment also requires a twenty-first century mentality. Modern dentistry requires a proactive approach and a relationship built on sincerity, respect, and candidness. We want you to be able to tell us what you would like from your dentist and we need to be able to help you by pointing out any shortcomings in your oral hygiene. We will advise you and guide you because our primary goal is to help you to keep your teeth for your lifetime. Our team strives to give you everything that you desire from your dental team and more.

More than a dentist

The expertise and skills of our team is highly regarded and not only do we provide our patients with excellent dental care but we also run a training program to train other dental professionals. You can therefore be confident that no matter the procedure we perform whether its simple teeth cleaning or more complex dental implants Leicester, you are getting the best service available.

Industry-leading providers

Losing a tooth in an accident or because of past poor oral hygiene, can be devastating and can affect your confidence. We are able to provide you with a bridge, dentures or dental implants Leiceister and we will discuss with you the most suitable and viable solution. Everyone is different so it is necessary to conduct a thorough examination physically, of your mouth, and by completion of a medical question, before we can make a suggestion. By carefully assessing each individual’s needs and the condition of your mouth we will suggest the alternatives to you. We provide bridge’s and dentures to hundreds of patients every year and we are also industry-leaders in Leicester of dental implants. There are many factors to consider before suggesting the best alternative and because you have to make the final decision we explain each one in detail to you. We will encourage you to be inquisitive and ask many questions, even if you think that they are irrelevant.

Natural looking and permanent

The major advantages of dental implants is that they are fitted mimicking your natural teeth. Using an artificial root which fuses with your jawbone, we are able to achieve a solid foundation for your prosthetic tooth, the crown. The crown is perfectly shaped and coloured so that it blends in with your natural teeth. There is no movement because your new tooth is fixed to a root in your gum. One tooth can be placed or four in a row using just one implant. For a complete mouthful of teeth our expert team can support all of your teeth on just four implants.

Maintenance and care

Your new implants will require the same care and attention that your natural teeth need, so regular brushing and flossing as well as a six monthly checkup at our dental practice is all that is required. You can smile and laugh naturally knowing that your implants will remain in place.