Get your smile in shape

Here at Smile Care Dental Clinic, we’ve noticed a significant rise in interest from our patients concerning orthodontic treatments to align crooked teeth during the pandemic. In particular around discreet, cosmetic treatments which can be carried out at home – such as Invisalign Leicester.

Over the years we’ve helped innumerable patients maximise their self-esteem and improve their overall oral health through Invisalign treatment. We recommend that anyone who feels even slightly embarrassed or unhappy with the alignment of their teeth should contact our friendly and approachable team here at Smile Care Dental Clinic. Arrange for a consultation with our Invisalign expert, so we can assess your needs and eligibility for this popular treatment.

How does Invisalign treatment work?

Most adults are aware of what conventional fused braces look like and how they work. However, fewer may recognise an Invisalign dental aligner or understand how it aligns crooked teeth without the need for the brackets and wires associated with traditional orthodontics.

Invisalign first emerged onto the global dental market in around 2001, and since then has developed a reputation as one of the world’s most popular cosmetic alternatives to braces. The reason that Invisalign treatment does not require brackets or wires is that it is totally removable and non-invasive, as it aligns crooked teeth using only a custom-made dental tray.

Every course of Invisalign Leicester that we offer here at our practice is totally unique and tailored to each individual patient, as we use cutting-edge ClinCheck digital rendering technology to create perfectly accurate and detailed digital visualisations of your dental makeup. We can use these renderings to create a unique set of Invisalign retainers that have grooves and pressure points inside them which will push the identified crooked teeth into place.

Another benefit of using the ClinCheck digital rendering software for patients who visit our practice for Invisalign Leicester, is that it provides accurate demonstrations of both how your teeth look now, how they will shift throughout the treatment and ultimately what your smile will look like once your Invisalign treatment is complete.

We’ve found that showing patients their new smiles before they begin their treatment is a great motivator, as they know what results they can expect and therefore have the confidence needed to decide to discreetly realign their smile through Invisalign.

How is Invisalign a cosmetic treatment?

One of the primary things about Invisalign which differentiates it from other types of orthodontics besides its removability is the effect, or rather the lack of effect, it has on how your smile looks when you are undergoing treatment. Orthodontic treatments vary in their visibility, from clearly impacting to partially noticeable, but Invisalign is by far one of the least noticeable and most discreet options you can choose.

This is because each Invisalign aligner is built to snugly fit over your teeth perfectly, and because the material used in the construction of it is transparent and just millimetres thin. When a patient places their aligner into their mouth it becomes almost entirely invisible as all you can see is their teeth beneath it.