During your lifetime, you will look at a reflection of yourself in the mirror many times. How you appear is affected by many things and one of them is your teeth. Some people are born with immaculately straight teeth, but many of us have some form of dental misalignment. Modern dental science has created many new techniques and appliances to correct dental misalignment. One of the main concerns of patients is feeling self-conscious because of having to wear some sort of dental brace that is obvious to people who look at them. A more modern dental appliance was invented a few decades ago which has revolutionised the way in which teeth are straightened. As a modern, dynamic dental practice, Smile Care Dental Clinic uses the Invisalign Leicester technique and equipment. We have helped many patients to go back to their mirror and enjoy the pleasure of their beautiful new smile.

Practical, discreet and efficient

Invisalign Leicester provides a discreet, practical and efficient treatment for the twenty-first century. The system uses a different technique to the conventional dental brace by avoiding placing blocks on your teeth and then using wires and bands to apply the pressure necessary to move your teeth. Instead, resembling a gum shield, Invisalign Leicester creates a series of aligners which fit over your teeth. Because these aligners are clear and see-through, they are difficult to detect making them inconspicuous to anyone else.

Digital efficiency

Any oral procedure starts with an examination and an assessment of your condition. At Smile Care Dental Clinic we have invested in modern dental equipment that allows us to take thousands of images of the interior of your mouth. Using the latest software we can create a future image of what your smile will look like after treatment. This takes the guesswork out of your decision making and if you are happy with the image you see you can make an informed decision, to proceed. The efficiency of digitisation allows us to send all the necessary information to the laboratory. Any adjustments or alterations are done quickly and the creation of your personal treatment plan will be updated.

How it works

Once we have received your aligners you will be required to come into the dental surgery for a fitting and an explanation of what you will need to do. Each person is different and the number of aligners is dependent on your condition. Each one has a slightly different orientation which allows each aligner to move your teeth to the next position ready for the next. To be effective each aligner must be worn for a minimum of twenty-two hours per day. They can be removed to allow you to eat as well as to clean and brush your teeth. The average duration of usage of each aligner is between two to three weeks, depending on how well your treatment is progressing.

The final stage

Once your treatment has been completed we will provide you with a final aligner which is similar to the previous ones that you have used. The aligner is designed to hold your teeth in their new position and to give them time to settle. You can go back to your mirror and admire your new confident broad smile and share it. Self-consciousness will be a thing of the past!