The true measure of dental success is when your teeth look and feel natural. For millennia successive, “dentists” tried to find a way to replace lost teeth; they tried shells, bamboo and a variety of other natural resources with limited success. For decades, we have relied on bridges and dentures until the 1950s, when a more permanent solution was considered. It then took until 1965 for the first prosthetic tooth implant to be placed into a human jaw. Technology and dental science have collaborated to develop the concept and technique of the procedure it is today.

At Smile Care Dental Clinic, our highly skilled and qualified team of dental clinicians use dental implants Leicester as a preferred method of replacing lost teeth. Using the latest technology and the finest quality materials we are known in the area for the quality of our treatment and accept referrals from other dental surgeries. Restoring your ability to chew your food properly and smile without feeling self-conscious as you would if all your teeth were your natural teeth, is our main ambition.

Our decades of experience available to you!

Originally founded in 1984, this dental practice has evolved into a dental clinic that provides a complete range of dental care in one place. Working in harmony with each other, the team at Smile Care Dental Clinic will focus on you rather than your condition. This approach ensures that we get to know you and understand your ambitions and trepidations, allowing us to provide treatment that is specific to you. How you handle losing a tooth will influence how you view the treatments available. Deciding whether you are eligible for dental implants Leicester will require a thorough oral examination and disclosure of your previous illnesses, treatments, etc. We are confident that our meticulous attention to detail and years of experience will allow us to give you the best options available.

After the examination and discussion with you, and once you have agreed to proceed with the treatment, we will create a treatment plan specifically for you. In some cases, the density of your jawbone may not be sufficient to provide the stability required. Bone augmentation has been developing at a rapid pace, and new techniques now allow more patients to benefit and become eligible for implants.

Evolving procedures

The dental industry is constantly striving to make the patient experience as comfortable as possible. Our team stays up to date with developments as and when they become available, so you can always be assured of receiving high-quality treatment. Our team can help you by replacing a single tooth, replacing a full mouth of teeth, or using dentures that are supported by four dental implants Leicester. There is also an implant procedure, where, in certain specific cases, we can place an implant immediately after extraction.

Normal service resumed

Once your implant has healed sufficiently, you will be able to enjoy your favourite foods. Taking care of your new implant requires the same degree of care and attention as your normal teeth. If you have lost one or more teeth, contact us at Smile Care Dental Clinic. Soon, you may be enjoying the considerable benefits of an implant.