If you’re currently dreaming about straightening your teeth and hope to have a Hollywood-worthy smile, consider Invisalign Leicester. This popular form of orthodontics has changed the way patients view aligners and braces and can positively impact your life now too. Here, at Smile Care Dental Clinic, we are proud to be able to offer patients the chance to have Invisalign Leicester and have seen some incredible transformations so far.

Read on to discover our handy guide featuring everything there is to know about Invisalign from how the treatment process works to some of the benefits you can enjoy.

Visit our modern dental practice in Leicester for all your Invisalign queries

Are you considering having Invisalign Leicester and have a few queries about how the assessment and treatment works? Our dental team here at Smile Care Dental Clinic are available and on hand any time to answer your questions and offer support. Our dentist is able to arrange an assessment to determine whether you would be a suitable candidate or not and can pursue the option of having Invisalign aligners as a treatment option. Once this step has been completed a personalised treatment plan and custom-made aligner trays will be created to suit your specific needs and smile goals.

How can invisible aligners help to improve my smile and straighten my teeth?

If you are experiencing misaligned or crooked teeth and would like to find a teeth straightening treatment that offers incredible results, consider Invisalign. They are able to correct a variety of dental issues ranging from overcrowding and gapping to unevenly spaced teeth and issues with your bite.

For patients who are only experiencing milder dental issues, Invisalign can still be used as a solution, but it will just result in a shorter treatment period. Some patients have begun to notice results in just under 8 or 9 months. Other patients that may require a slightly longer treatment plan have noticed results in as little as 12 months of wear.

Invisalign is growing in popularity all over the world

Did you know that Invisalign has become a popular teeth straightening choice of treatment all over the world from the UK to America and beyond? The fact that this system offers several advantages to patients has played a large part in the clear aligners gaining growing attention.

Today it is a sought-after treatment and we are proud to be able to offer this to our patients at the practice.

One of the leading advantages of choosing Invisalign is undoubtedly thanks to its discreet appearance. The aligners are invisible and barely noticeable during wear, in contrast to traditional metal braces which are easily visible.

The aligner trays are also customised for each patient and moulded around their teeth and mouth offering a comfortable fit. This also enables optimal results as it has been designed with particular specifications in mind.

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign trays can also be removed during intervals each day. Patients can enjoy the freedom of consuming meals without having to wear the aligners and even enjoy access to brushing their teeth easily. Our dental practitioner recommends wearing the aligners for around 20 hours each day in order to ensure results.