Dental implants Leicester are a permanent solution to replacing your missing teeth and can be done for a single tooth or an entire set, depending on your requirements. They are made up of three parts: a metal screw, an abutment and the crown that replaces your missing tooth. The metal screw functions as the root of your missing tooth, and the abutment is the connector post that joins the crown securely to the screw. The screw is made of titanium because this is a metal that is biologically compatible with the human body and initiates a process known as osseointegration. The implant is fused into the bone through this process, resulting in strong and long-lasting stability. It is a suitable solution for replacing your missing teeth, promotes better oral health and restores the appearance of your smile.

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If you have lost a single tooth or many teeth, then you must contact us sooner rather than later because tooth loss can result in the weakening of surrounding healthy teeth and further complications in the future including additional tooth loss. The earlier that you seek medical attention, the easier the process will be for yourself and the sooner you will be able to restore the full function of your mouth to what it was before tooth loss.

Here, at Smile Care Dental Clinic, to make sure that you are eligible for dental implants Leicester, you will undergo a comprehensive examination of your teeth and gums. Furthermore, our dentist will also need to assess the health of your jawbone because dental implant surgery requires sufficient healthy bone to hold the implant in place. If you have any underlying dental issues, then these will have to be addressed before proceeding with surgery. Moreover, if our dentist determines that you may require a bone graft, then this will also be carried out either prior to the surgery or at the same time; although this will depend on the extent of grafting necessary.

The procedure itself will be carried out under anaesthesia. However, whether you require a local anaesthetic, sedation or general anaesthetic is something that you will need to discuss with our dentist before the surgery; the type used will depend on the level of anxiety you may feel towards having the procedure. Dental health is our priority, so we will make sure that you are as comfortable as possible and help ease your mind of any worries that you may have regarding the surgery.

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