Unfortunately people lose teeth, it’s just a fact of life. Maybe last time you came to see us at Smile Care Dental Clinic your dentist suggested dental implants in Leicester as an option for teeth replacement? Well if they did and you’re thinking it could be right for you but want to know more about the ins and outs, keep reading, as we’re about to dive into how dental implants are made.

What is the function of a dental implants in leicester?

Dental implants are designed to replace any teeth you have lost. They are unlike other types of tooth replacement methods in that they are permanently fixed to your jaw and actually work to induce more bone development back in the area it’s been lost. They don’t need to be removed whilst eating or sleeping and act as a more natural solution to tooth loss.

What are dental implants made from?

Now personally we think this is pretty cool – dental implants in Leicester are actually made from titanium! Yes you could have titanium in your jaw. Titanium is amazing because it’s a metal that actually works with the body and is able to bond to the bone. The implant itself is basically a tiny little screw between 4mm and 16mm long. This is to put in place a socket that your dentist here at smile care dental will make. This then acts like a tooth root  for the tooth or teeth you’ve lost.

Now you’ve got the new root of your tooth sorted – you need the tooth. We have special gadgets called abutments which then fit to the top of the dental implants and make the connection to the replacement tooth – also known as a crown or if multiple a bridge.

What is the process of having dental implants?

With the nature of this tooth loss solution being more permanent the process can take a little longer than other tooth replacement options – but we believe it’s totally worth the wait!

In the first stage you’ll come and see us and have an examination and we’ll work out what unique journey you will need to go on, on your implant journey.  When you come back again, either we will be looking at bone grafting or if this isn’t needed going straight in for the insertion of the implants. Then you will need this all to heal. This healing can take anywhere between two to six months – it’s all about the individual. During this time the implant will combine to the bone.

Then when the implant is stable you’ll have an impression of your mouth taken and new teeth will be designed especially for you. Once these have been made you will come and visit us to have them fitted. Job done.

If you want to hear more about dental implants and what benefits they offer please get in contact with our team via the website or telephone. Our whole team is ready to answer any queries you have and can’t wait to get you started on your dental implant journey.