Are you looking to replace missing or loose teeth, but you’re not sure about your options? Here at Smile Care Dental Clinic, we offer patients the chance to have dental implants Leicester.

If you’re hoping to improve your smile and feel empowered, we recommend considering dental implant surgery.

Patients can look forward to natural-looking results with barely perceptible implants

Here at Smile Care Dental Clinic, our dental practitioners are able to colour match your dental implants to blend in effortlessly with your natural teeth so that the results are very subtle and appear discreet. If you feel self-conscious about having dentures, why not have dental implants Leicester instead?

Enjoy single tooth or multiple teeth replacement to update your smile

Our dental team looks forward to helping you enjoy a healthy, happy smile and we offer a range of dental implant solutions, restoring a single tooth or multiple teeth. If you or a loved one in your life is experiencing loose or missing teeth and would like to have treatment, consider dental implants Leicester.

Dental implants help to improve your speech and communication skills

Did you know that one of the many advantages of having implants fitted is that it can help to improve your ability to communicate? Your teeth and tongue work closely together in order to be able to pronounce certain sounds or words. Patients who have missing teeth may find that they experience difficulty pronouncing certain phrases and their speech may become impaired as a result. This can lead to low self-esteem and in some cases patients may refrain from attending social events. Dental implants help to restore your smile and fill in the gaps so that you can regain your ability to communicate freely once more.

Patients can look forward to having a stronger bite force

Another added benefit of choosing to have dental implant surgery is that patients can look forward to having a stronger bite force. Loose or missing teeth often negatively affect a patient’s ability to chew or bite certain foods properly. By having an artificial tooth fitted you are able to enjoy improved digestion and meal times will become more attractive overall.

Let our dental team help to boost your confidence levels

Are you feeling self-conscious about the current state of your smile? Do you shy away from engaging with colleagues, family members or friends due to the current appearance of your teeth? If you have answered yes to any of these questions it may be time for you to consider dental implant surgery as your solution of choice.

The surgery is performed under local anaesthetic and is clinically proven to be secure

For those patients who may feel nervous about the actual implant process, there is no need, as the surgery is performed under local anaesthetic at our dental practice in Leicester. It has been proven to be both clinically proven, very reliable and will result in minimal to no pain and discomfort. Should you experience any form of side effect or discomfort you should be able to treat it with over-the-counter painkillers. The recovery time is short and requires no major downtime so you can continue with your daily schedule soon after having the surgery.

Our dentist will give you any more serious side effects to look out for in which instance you would have to contact the surgery right away. However these are very rare and far between.