Misaligned, crooked, jutting out, overbite, underbite or too many teeth, modern dental science and technology can fix these problems for you. Orthodontic treatments used to be a drawn out, uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing experience. Over the past decades however technology and dental science has been working hand in hand to deliver a plethora of solutions. In this modern technological age it’s no longer one treatment that is the solution to all orthodontic conditions. The scientific brains have harnessed technology to apply a more bespoke targeted approach. Invisalign Leicester is one of the results of the development of these modern orthodontic treatments.

A new age dental clinic

Smile Care dental clinic was launched in the nineteen eighties as a dental practice and has evolved since then into a dynamic modern dental clinic. The age of reactive dentistry has now passed and early diagnosis and treatment is the current motivation. We employ the latest techniques and utilise the latest equipment available. Our staff have been selected not only because of their progressive and adaptable approach to modern proactive dentistry but also for their warm, friendly, empathetic and caring nature. We deliver respect, courtesy and understanding to you as patients of ours. We want you to have a positive, memorable experience of your visit and our staff all work to achieve this ambition. We spend time getting to know you and understand what you expect from us. Your total wellbeing is considered when we design your bespoke treatment.

Orthodontic treatment for all

One of the most common dental ailments is malocclusion and in the past this condition was hopefully discovered at a young age. The treatment was a cumbersome metal brace which a youngster had to wear for months. Now the metal brace has been developed into a far more comfortable appliance and is accompanied by a variety of other dental appliances. Braces and aligners are used to correct dental misalignment in patients of all ages. An aligner like Invisalign Leicester, is a dental appliance which works differently to the traditional dental brace. Instead of fitting onto the front of your teeth and then supported by bands and wires, Invisalign Leicester looks similar to a gumshield and fits over your teeth.

Technology at work

These gum shield style dental appliances are made of a clear thermoplastic so they are almost undetectable. To start with our team will examine your oral cavity and using a 3D scanner and digital X-ray they will take thousands of images of the inside of your mouth. Then using the latest software and algorithms they will create a 3D image of what your smile can look like after treatment. You don’t have to imagine how your smile can improve, you can see it. Once you have decided to proceed with the treatment, we will create your treatment plan and digitally send all your information to the laboratory.

A team effort

Because the flexibility of Invisalign treatment is a team effort, we will guide you and monitor your treatment as you go on the journey to straighter teeth. The aligners, referred to as trays and can be removed to allow you to eat and clean your teeth, but require a minimum of twenty two hours per day in situ to be effective. The trays come in a series based on your dental condition and each tray which is slightly different in shape follows the previous one and must be worn in sequence. Each tray requires two to three weeks to produce the desired results.

Get ready to show off

At the end of your treatment, a final aligner is required to hold your teeth in their new position. This final aligner is also made from clear thermoplastic and can be removed, if you desire, to allow you to confidently, show off your smile.