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At Smile Care Dental Clinic, nothing makes our dedicated expert practitioners happier than seeing their handiwork pay off in the smiling faces of our patients. We recognise the mounting pressures that the pandemic has placed on a number of people, and we are striving to bring treatment to those who need it in a safe and relaxed fashion. Having crooked or visibly misaligned teeth can be the root of several problems for patients – both socially and dentally – especially for those who are slightly younger. However, through Invisalign in Leicester, it is now possible to realign and straighten out crooked or badly placed teeth through a method which leaves almost no trace or impact on how a patient looks. This means that patients who may have refrained from seeking our conventional methods of orthodontic alignment are now able to do so for the first time.

What is Invisalign?

The Invisalign in Leicester that we offer here at Smile Care Dental Clinic is a revolutionary new way of aligning patient teeth – without the need for any brackets or wires to be attached to their teeth.

Rather, the Invisalign system uses a single plastic retainer which is custom made for every patient by using a mould of their tooth shape. Within each retainer, there are pressure points that are placed to apply force to the specific teeth within the patient mouth that is out of place.

As each Invisalign retainer is made to fit perfectly around a patient’s teeth, and because of the thin and transparent materials which are used in its construction when the patient wears their retainer it becomes almost totally invisible. This, as you can imagine, is a massive advantage to patients who are looking to realign their teeth without attracting any attention to themselves in the process.

What are the advantages to Invisalign?

Besides the cosmetic advantages that the discrete nature of Invisalign in Leicester, there are also several other advantages over conventional orthodontics:

  • Comfort: Because nothing is ever bonded or fixed to the patient’s teeth during the Invisalign process, it is generally considered to be far more relaxed and comfortable for patients.
  • Freedom: Another massive appeal of the Invisalign retainer system is that it can be periodically removed wherever the patient wishes to do so. This is a freedom that very few other forms of orthodontics offer and allows patients to tailor when they carry out their treatment around their own schedules.
  • Confidence: Many young adults and teenagers live with crooked, out of place teeth because they are afraid of how orthodontic treatment will impact how they look. Choosing Invisalign over conventional braces negates this problem however, as patients can discreetly align their teeth without alerting any attention to themselves.

How do I get Invisalign?

If you are interested in the discreetly effective aligning powers of the Invisalign retainer system, then the first step in getting treatment starts with a friendly consultation with one of our cosmetic orthodontic experts here at Smile Care Dental Clinic.

By doing so we will assess your eligibility for Invisalign treatment, as well as give you a fully rendered image of how your teeth will look after completing treatment!

Invisalign has transformed the self-confidence and smiles of thousands of happy patients across the world, and achieving this for yourself has never been easier than we make it here at Smile Care Dental Clinic.