Dental Implants have skyrocketed in popularity these last ten years with more and more patients looking to invest in a longer term for natural look and feel to tooth loss. Dental Implants Leicester comes with a whole host of benefits which we’ll delve a little deeper into today, but first let’s look at who they are for and if they could work for you.

What Are Dental Implants Leicester ?

Dental Implants are a two part screw system specially designed to give patients a life logn solution to their tooth loss. They are made from a titanium anchor that is implanted into the patient’s jaw bone, this is then left to heal before the crown is fixed on to the top of it.

Who Can Have Dental Implants?

Dental Implants could be an option for most people who have experienced tooth loss. For those that have lost teeth due to lack of bone density it could be that we need to perform a bone graft first in order to make sure the implants hold but this isn’t needed in every single case.

For those who have lost teeth due to poor oral hygiene you would have to first remove any signs of decay and gum disease and prove you can maintain a healthy oral health before we would move forward with the implants. Dental implants can fail due to peri-implantitis when they aren’t correctly cared for so we at Smile Care Dental Clinic take oral hygiene and implants extremely seriously.

They are so preexisting medical conditions and even medications that could affect the chances of the implants taking so we really recommend being totally open and honest with any medical conditions and medications you take. There are still lots of other amazing tooth replacement systems out there so not having implants won’t be the end of your tooth replacement journey.

The benefits of Implants

The benefits of dental implants Leicester are that they: are specifically made and designed to match your natural teeth and offer the most natural look and function of any tooth replacement system. They have the ability to last an entire lifetime if they are taken care of correctly. They stimulate the bone in the jaw to encourage natural regeneration so as to help avoid further tooth loss on either side of the affected tooth.

The Surgery

The other element to take into account when considering implants is that it is one of the biggest procedures you can through with your teeth – that’s not to say you will have hard time or that it will be really painful but we at Smile Care Dental Clinic believe honesty in always the best policy and want people to enter the process knowing that it’s a big thing. You might want to take a few days to recover from the surgeries and it will take you several months to heal fully and during the early days you might need to avoid certain foods etc. That being said for us the discomfort in the beginning is far out weighed but the long term results. If you want to know more about implants don’t hesitate to contact us.