At Smile Care Dental Clinic we have helped many patients who have been too anxious to visit the dentist. The cause of their anxiety has ranged from an incident that happened many years ago, to a lack of understanding of the consequences of poor oral hygiene. We are a patient focused dental practice where every member of our friendly team is dedicated to ensuring that you enjoy a positive experience. If you have lost any of your teeth we will assess what is practically best for you. A bridge or dentures may be your best solution or a more permanent solution such as dental implants Leicester.

Patient convenience

Since 1984, we have been providing oral healthcare to the local community. Over time we have adapted our services to cater for the modern needs of our patients. To make it easier for our patients to receive dental care we have revamped the dental surgery and expanded our car parking area. To ensure that you receive the best treatment available our team regularly updates their knowledge and skills by attending seminars and training.

Serving all ages

As a well-established community dental practice we provide dental services for the very young as well as more mature patients. If you are a parent we want you to bring your children in sooner rather than later, to give them the opportunity to become familiar with us and the practice, and for us to identify any latent oral deficiencies that may require attention now or later. If you are an adult of any age we provide a complete range of  services to help you maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Tooth loss

Gum disease is the biggest cause of tooth loss and it is a serious matter to lose a tooth, because it can cause a chain reaction if left untreated. Your teeth play an important part in ensuring that essential nutrients continue to flow maintaining the integrity of your jawbone. Loss of these valuable nutrients starts a decline in your jawbone density. Replacing lost teeth has normally taken the form of a bridge or dentures and we still provide these solutions. Unfortunately neither of these will restore the flow of nutrients to your jawbone. Your body needs to recognise the root of a new tooth to restart the supply of nutrients. Dental implants Leicester provide an artificial root which naturally fuses with your jawbone. In this modern era patients are looking for a stable replacement for their lost teeth which is provided by dental implants Leicester.

A variety of options

Implantology is evolving and increasing the number of patients who are eligible for implants and the variations of implants available. Replacing a single tooth that has been lost is undertaken by placing a single implant, but that single implant can also support up to four teeth in a row. To replace a full set of teeth only four implants are required. If you still wish to have removable dentures, we can place four implants to provide a stable platform for your dentures and make them removable for you.

Avoid further tooth loss

Our team is available to provide you with the best advice suitable for you, but it is important that you call and make an appointment so that we can assess your particular condition and needs. If you have lost one tooth, even as a result of an accident, it is prudent to give us a call and let us guide you so that you don’t lose any more teeth.