If you have ever suffered the loss of a tooth or several teeth then you will be well aware of the negative effects that this kind of loss can have upon your mouth and your daily life. You may have found yourself making minor changes to the ways you use your mouth. You could find yourself avoiding foods that you start to find difficult to chew and consume, this may include things such as steak or nuts. You might decide to curtail using your smile around others if you have lost a tooth at the front of your mouth, as you don’t wish to show them the area of your loss.

Having lost a tooth or several teeth you will probably find yourself looking at the ways that are available at your dentist to replace your missing teeth. This type of research may have brought you into contact with bridges and dentures, but it is possible you feel they do not one hundred per cent meet your needs. It could be that you are looking for a tooth replacement treatment that is fixed in place and feels as natural as possible, for this we would ask you to consider the benefits of treatment with dental implants Leicester.

At Smile Care Dental Clinic we can offer our patients tooth replacement treatment that will allow them to feel like they have never lost any teeth. Our treatment will give them new teeth that are fixed into position and feel totally natural as well as looking like they have always belonged in your mouth.

Tough enough to cope

By having your missing teeth restored with dental implants Leicester you will find that you will receive new replacement teeth that are extremely hard-wearing and are tough enough to cope with the hazards and stresses of use throughout your daily life. You will be able to use your new teeth in ways that feel perfectly natural to you within a short time after your treatment, so you can start to enjoy those tougher foods that you have been avoiding once more and you will have your natural smile back.

Placing your new teeth into your mouth takes place over a two-stage process.

First, a titanium screw will be inserted into your jaw, this will help to create a strong and steady base for your new tooth to be attached to, the tip of the screw will be positioned above the gum to allow the replacement tooth to be attached.

Your new tooth will be created using a ceramic crown that is shaped to allow it to blend in with any of your existing teeth that are surrounding it. It will also be coloured to match any teeth that it is positioned close to.

There will be no need for you to be overly concerned about the aftercare for your new replacement teeth as you will have no need to learn any new care routines, simply brushing your teeth twice a day will suffice as a way to care for your new teeth.

A great solution

If you are looking at tooth replacement treatment then dental implants Leicester may represent the great solution you are seeking, this treatment is definitely worthy of your consideration.