Tooth loss is a traumatic time for anyone, studies have shown that the loss of a tooth can have the same psychological impact as losing any other part of our body and so it’s no wonder that when it happens we see it can leave patients feeling rather anxious and low. We at Smile Care Dental Clinic are committed to finding solutions for our patients that give back confidence and pride in their smiles. Dental implants Leicester are just one of many options available, but are they right for you? Keep reading to find out.

Why do we lose teeth?

Patients lose teeth for a whole host of reasons, in most cases it’s due to an inadequate oral health routine, which needs to be addressed before we can even think about finding an appropriate replacement system. Other reasons can be accidents like falling over, sometimes patients have health conditions that lead to tooth loss or it could be due to a type of medication. Depending on the reason, it will have an impact on which replacement system will be right for you. For example, if it’s that you’ve been in an accident and lost a tooth it’s likely that you will be able to have dental implants Leicester as it’s not that you’ve got a health condition that’s caused deterioration.

What are the options for teeth replacement?

Most common and well known in teeth restoration are dentures. At our practice we specially design and make them to fit our patients’ mouths perfectly. They are removable and should be taken out for cleaning after meals and sleeping. Dentures will help support your cheeks and lips too and will give patients back the ability to perform everyday tasks like eating, speaking and smiling. Lots of people don’t realise that dentures don’t have to replace all teeth, but can be made to just replace a few. The only small negative when it comes to dentures is that they can be a reminder of patients’ tooth loss, it’s unlikely they will feel like your natural teeth and can make someone feel a little uncomfortable to begin with.

However, if you are looking for a solution that is a minimally invasive process, affordable and will last long term then these could be a great option for you.

Bridges and crowns are a fixed replacement option. They can be used to either replace one or multiple teeth. When you come for your first appointment you’ll have impressions taken of your teeth to ensure the new teeth fit exactly with your natural ones. They work by being attached to your remaining teeth with a dental cement which means that they are permanently placed in positions, so unlike dentures you don’t need to think about taking them in and out after meals for cleaning.

Dental implants Leicester are fixtures that are placed in your jawbone and have a crown or other prosthetic screwed on top. These are the most natural, functional option when it comes to tooth replacement, but they do need to have a good level of bone health to be successful. The procedure at first impression can seem overwhelming but it’s very straightforward in most cases and doesn’t entail too long a recovery time.

If you would like to explore your tooth restoration options further, please contact our practice and one of our team will happily provide an appointment for you to discuss this with us.