If you’ve been looking into dental implants Leicester either for yourself or for a loved one it’s likely you’ll have come across lots of posts regarding dental implants and bone loss. In order for the implants to hold the bone has to be at a particular strength, as if it isn’t, it’s highly unlikely that the implants will hold in position long term. That being said, we at Smile Care Dental Clinic are keen for patients to understand that even if they are someone who’s lost bone it’s not the end of the road for your implant story, there are other options we can pursue to make it happen for you.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants Leicester have taken off to new heights in the last fifteen years or so and have become one of the world’s leading forms of tooth replacement. This is because they stand out as being the only system that has the potential to last a lifetime, along with being the only system that stimulates the jawbone and so protects the new false teeth along with making sure you don’t lose any more of your natural ones.

It works just like a screw system, with the titanium anchor being drilled into the jawbone and then the crown, once the anchor has healed, being screwed into it using an abutment.

Why do we lose jawbone?

We lose jawbone strength for differing reasons depending on individual circumstances. In lots of cases it’s just due to break down after infection through gum disease and decay, for others it’s linked to medical conditions or medication, it can even be caused by smoking.

What can be done?

If after an investigative consultation with us we recognise that you don’t carry enough bone density in your jaw to hold the implants, then we’ll look at the options for a bone graft for you. It’s very common for those who have dental implants Leicester to undergo the procedure in order to ensure the implants take successfully. It just involves taking some bone from somewhere else in your body or using an artificial bone and grafting it to your jawbone, this means you’re able to have the implants safe in the knowledge with the right aftercare they should remain. And as already mentioned what’s fantastic about the whole process is that it enables you to have your natural bone restimulated, so hopefully all being well you should also begin making your bone density strong again.

So are dental implants good for those who have bone loss?

The simple answer where we’re concerned is yes! If we’re able to provide the correct preparation treatment then they still stand out to us as one of the most natural ways to replace teeth. The process is complex though and involves differing stages of surgery and healing, but we at Smile Care Dental Clinic truly believe it’s worth going through the procedure because of the rewards you can reap.

If you’d like to learn more about dental implants please don’t hesitate to contact the practice.