7 Elements of Denture Care

Care for your dentures is just as important for a healthy mouth as care for your natural teeth.

Follow these 7 steps to keep your new dentures in great condition.

1. Getting used to your new dentures

For the first few weeks or months your new dentures may feel odd. Please do not worry as this is normal. You will get used to you denture. Inserting, removing and functioning with the denture will require some practice

2. Denture wear

You can wear the dentures during the day, taking them out only to clean after meals. The dentures MUST be removed before going to bed and sorted in a container of cold water. This allows the gums and mouth to rest and promotes oral health. If you have any concerns about removing your dentures, please discuss it with your dentist.

3. Eating with your new dentures

Start with soft foods and gradually progress to more solid food. You may need to cut your food into small portions and chew using both sides of your mmouth to prevent the denture tipping. Avoid biting with your front teeth as this could cause your denture to tip at the back.

4. Speaking with your new dentures

Your speech may be altered initially as your muscles adapt. Pronouncing certain words will require practise. However, your speech should be back to normal within a few weeks. To speed this process, reading out from a newspaper or magazine should help.

5. Cleaning your dentures

Daily cleaning of your denture is necessary to prevent build-up of food debris, bacteria and stains. These can cause problems with appearance, mouth odour and irritation to gums and infections.

6. Brushing

Use a soft toothbrush or denture brush to clean your denture, along with soap and warm running water (avoid hot water).

Avoid using toothpastes as this can damage and scratch the denture, which can make it more prone to collect debris, stains and tartar.

Brush/rinse the denture after every meal to prevent the build-up of debris.

7. Soaking

You can use denture cleaning/sterilising tablets or solutions for soaking, to help keep your dentures clean, loosen and remove stains and deposits.

Soak dentures in a cleansing/sterilising solution 2-3 a week.

You should avoid leaving the dentures in solution overnight. Always follow the manufacturers instructions.

If you have any further concerns, please discuss this with your dentist.

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