Our Private Dental Plans.

At Smile Care Dental in Leicester, we believe in prevention of disease which is why our dental plans work so well for patients. By paying a monthly fee you will be encouraged to attend every six months to see your dentist and receive maintenance and preventive care.

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Practice Plan Maintenance Plan

Our dental plans are administered by Practice Plan and we have several on offer. The most popular allows you to attend twice a year to see your dentist for a full check and receive preventive advice and maintennace such as gum treatment. If any dental treatment is required you will have a full explanation of what is required plus costs associated.

By attending regularly most patients find that dental problems are intercepted early if not avoided all together, proof that prevention really does work! We also find that our regular patients enjoy a higher level of dental health as they become very motivated and understand the importance of a good home oral hygiene routine.

Children’s Plans


We are also able to offer plans for children’s care and maintenance to set them up with great dental health as they grow. We will monitor their growth and arrange for any orthodontic treatment as this becomes necessary. With the right emphasis on prevention your child should be able to enter adulthood without any need for dental fillings.

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“The staff at SCDC are nothing but brilliant and very caring. The principal dentist is just amazing, very knowledgeable, kind and caring with their patients. They provide service with utter humbleness and kindness and is very professional with what they do. I would strongly recommend this practice to anyone.”

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