A smile you can rely on

When you lose either one or more teeth, not only does the loss impact your physical appearance by changing the shape of your jaw, but it can also lead to a number of serious dental health issues if treatments like dental implants Leicester are not sought out.

Contrary to most other treatments for lost teeth, such as bridges and dentures, dental implants are a stable, durable and discreet solution for missing teeth. They do not only make your smile look full and healthy, but you can also use them with the same confidence as you would have if all your natural teeth remained in place.

Why seek treatment for a lost tooth?

Often those who live with missing teeth, and have for some time, feel that there is no immediate need for them to seek out dental implants Leicester from us here at our dental practice, apart from the aesthetic advantages of having a full set of teeth.

This is particularly true in instances where the missing tooth or teeth are at the backs of a patient’s mouth and are therefore obscured from vision face on.

However, the problem of a missing tooth is far more than purely aesthetic, as the longer you live with an untreated gap in your mouth, the higher the likelihood is that you may develop a serious dental problem.

One such problem is gingivitis or periodontal disease – which is far more common in people who are missing teeth, as there are more hidden gaps and spaces in which food particles and bacteria can develop into plaque and cause an infection.

Another long-term health implication of having a gap in your teeth for a prolonged period of time is that your entire facial shape can change. This is known as atrophy, which is when the unstimulated or disused bone or muscle around a body part decreases in size and fullness over time.

In instances of missing teeth this facial atrophy happens when the jawbone around the missing tooth is not stimulated for a long time, which results in the body absorbing it, thus causing a loss in bone density and a change in facial shape.

How do dental implants Leicester work?

The way in which the modern dental implants which we offer here at Smile Care Dental Clinic work is actually very similar to the way in which natural teeth work – only the process is replicated using a titanium-alloy socket.

These titanium sockets are surgically embedded within each patient’s jawbone where their lost tooth should be, before being sealed over and given time to fuse with the bone tissue.

Titanium is the only known metal which has the ability to naturally merge together with bone, which is why it is the perfect material to create an artificial tooth root onto which a custom made crown can be fixed.

These crowns are specifically colour-matched so as to blend in perfectly within your mouth, and can be used with the same carefree confidence as a natural tooth, as well as feeling almost exactly identical.