Anstey Dentist Private & NHS Dentistry

Providing both NHS & Private dental treatments allows us to offer you, our patients in Anstey, the very best treatments to suit your individual dental health condition.

We are also able to provide cosmetic dental treatments on a private basis such as teeth whitening and clear brace teeth straightening.

Anstey Dental Treatments

At Smile Care Dental Clinic near Anstey in Leicester we are proud to provide both NHS and Private dental treatments. Using the latest techniques, knowledge and equipment dentistry has to offer we provide complete range of dental care under one roof for dental patients in the Anstey area of Leicester.


We can improve not only the straightness of your teeth but also correct any spacing between your teeth which will lead to an improved, confident, full smile for both adults and children.

Denture Clinic

At Smile Care Dental Clinic we believe that whether you are missing just one tooth, or all of your teeth, that dentures are a practical method of replacing those missing teeth quickly and easily.

Cosmetic Dentistry

If any aspect of your dental appearance concerns you, no matter how trivial it may seem, please discuss it with us. We offer a wide range of cosmetic treatments from Implants to Tooth whitening kits.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants replace missing teeth and fill any gaps in your smile. Implants help your mouth function and look just like natural teeth giving you the confidence to smile again.

Preventive Dentistry

As the saying goes, “prevention is better than the cure”, we believe that pro-actively preventing poor dental health, rather than treating re-actively, is the key to continued and long lasting dental health.

General Dentistry

We provide general dental care for you and the whole family. Whether it is a child with a toothache or an elderly patient that needs to replace their dentures, our dental team can help you.

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Better Dental Care is Our Mission

“The staff at SCDC are nothing but brilliant and very caring. The principal dentist is just amazing, very knowledgeable, kind and caring with their patients. They provide service with utter humbleness and kindness and is very professional with what they do. I would strongly recommend this practice to anyone.”

Jay Modha